Fair tax

Fair tax rules

By Boudi van Vlijmen posted 20211128

Rule 1 - Democratic countries should protect democracy by 'non-democratic import tax' (+50%) on all goods and services imported from non-democratic countries.


Rule 2 - On all sales, (max)6% (non-refundable) value-added tax is paid to the residential municipality of the payer.


Rule 3 - On all capital gains (on average over 5 years), 20% general tax is paid to the resident's municipality.


Rule 4 - All other tax than the tax under rules 1 - 3 is direct service cost tax.


Rule 5 - All tax to higher levels than the residential municipality are paid by the municipality to the higher level. So the citizen pays all taxes via a local municipality. With one exception, border (in-/export) taxes.


General tax

Tax that is in a subsidiary fashion used to pay for public services in a bottom-up service-level stack fashion.

Direct service cost tax

Not really a tax, but a monthly or annual paid contribution to a public service. For example, for garbage collection.

Bottom-up service-level stack fashion (BUSS)

All tax should be locally collected. The local democratic municipality can have a service-level agreement (SLA) with a one step up higher level of public services. And this higher level can have an SLA with one level up. And so on up to 7 levels for global scale public services.