Fair public service cost


We are free people. No serfs. We don't have (neo-)feudal governments. We have public services we organize together. Therefor, we don't pay tax (a neo-feudal concept) anymore. We pay for public (our) services.

So forget about tax!

Talk about "Public Service Cost"! Free world people (we the people) don't pay tax!

We pay Public Service Cost!

Fair public service cost rules

By Boudi van Vlijmen posted 20230621

Rule 1 - Democratic countries should protect democracy by 'non-democratic import policy service cost' (+50%) on all goods and services imported from non-democratic countries.


Rule 2 - On all sales, (max)6% (non-refundable) value-added policy service cost is paid to the residential municipality of the payer.


Rule 3 - On all capital gains (on average over 5 years), 20% general policy service cost is paid to the resident's municipality.


Rule 4 - All other public service cost than the public service cost under rules 1 - 3 is direct service cost.


Rule 5 - All policy service cost to higher levels than the residential municipality are paid by the municipality to the higher level. So the citizen pays all public service cost via a local municipality.


Policy based service cost billing

Public service cost billing used to pay for public services in a bottom-up service-level stack fashion.

Direct public service cost billing

A monthly or annual paid contribution to a public service. For example, for garbage collection.

Bottom-up service-level stack fashion (BUSS)

All public services payments should be locally collected. The local democratic municipality can have a service-level agreement (SLA) with a one step up higher level of public services. And this higher level can have an SLA with one level up. And so on up to 7 levels for global scale public services.