State of affairs

We (FWPA) believe that humanity is on the path towards a new global human cooperation. Learned from the past, we (humanity) have come now to the point where we can build the best world possible. This process is going on right now. But the press fails to see it. This process is held back by some threats and weaknesses, the things the press is echoing about daily. We however look at the world of today through this positive view of humanity and keep track of the ongoing process, on the pages below.

Outdated politic divisions.

The left and right are division is made in the French Revolution period. (~1790). But we live in evolved times in what the left and right division is outdated. Today we can have three positions towards governments: Indifferent; Parasitic; Cooperate.


People who focus on their day-to-day lives and are not interested in public service organization until it bothers them.


People who seek to benefit from tax collections for their own good, not for the public good.


People who understand that we (humanity) need to cooperate to provide public services for the public good.