Free World People

We (the network of human life) live in the same spaceship!

(The earth's crust and atmosphere, where we live, are a peripheral phenomenon in the universe)

We can make this Earthship a better place.
So we should!

For that, we must get free from ideologies that keep us from progress.

This is a semi-static website. Meaning that it is not a blog, but is regularly updated. (4 to 12 times annual).
A living book. So come back to see our progress.
Or join in on the progress.

The plan is to publish two printed books: The State of Free World People starting in 2030 and from then publish an update of that every 7 years; And a book (the title is not determined) as Free World People guide.

Update: 2024-05-30 (menu structure update)

It is time for humanity to become real free people. Free from slavery by (feudal and neo-feudal) systems that are controlled by a few. The Revolutions did not give us freedom, they gave us new nobility. It's time we move toward real freedom.

We aim to develop, support, encourage and propagate human wide non-governmental beliefs and standards, free knowledge-sharing and freedom of the press to enable better public services. The only ones who can build the paradise are us! Why don't we?!

Fair are, non government controlled synchronized consent systems for public services what provide equal services and opportunities for everyone.

Free World People need fair-services and fair-systems to develop humanity further, free from progress limiting beliefs and systems by new nobility that are aimed to control you (governments & religions). Free from manipulating politics.


We want to establish 3 organization addresses: