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Real progress comes from innovations. From engineering more efficient ways for a better human life. On this page, we keep track of the ongoing progress. Real progress is hampered by talking too much about it to sell a story why you should the beneficiary (most press & marketing).
Engineering is the only human activity what turns hope into a better future. And engineering starts with understanding nature, also understanding human nature as part of the earth biosphere.

New information

Update 2024-05-25

On the localization of production, we have added a link to a recent video of Peter Zeihan about this.

Free World People Information Technology

Update: 2024-04-15

Information technology has become the tool of feudal elites (in governments and business) to control and abuse the masses. With that, the autonomy of people and thus democracy and freedom is undermined. There is however a force counteracting this. The latest news from this Free World People progress you will find here.