Freedom threats

The current state of People's freedom

Law enforcement and the underpinning law system really determines individual freedom.

Freedom is the space available within the rules you may expect society to live by. You may expect these rules are enforced.

No one has rights. Everyone gets rights by the people who live by the rules determined in consent.

This page is a permanent research effort on the current state of freedom.

- update 20231123 - 

Democratic systems

A higher level of freedom of speech exists. Citizens are able to influence the direction of their public services. A high enough level of bottom-up involvement exists to influence society rules.

Limited freedom systems

Freedom here is largely contained and top-down organized.

The foundation of freedom is the security provided by a key public service. The law and law enforcement service. This service to society is rooted in the way primates organize.

In early civilization when humans settled, became farmers and started to build cities the old primate rules did not work anymore. We started a journey to organize ourselves and build societies. As a collective, we made errors along the way, but failed sometimes. A lot is to be learned from these failures.